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Buy Molly Online Now. Molly is the nickname for what many people think is “pure” MDMA found on the street. This form of MDMA most commonly appears in powder or capsule form. It is a common misconception that MDMA is a safer and purer alternative to ecstasy.

MDMA is a Schedule I substance, meaning that it has a high abuse potential and no accepted medical use. Since MDMA is illegal, it is unregulated on the street, so you can never be sure what drug you are actually taking. On the other hand, ecstasy is usually found in pill form and is generally considered to be less pure than MDMA or Molly, as people who use ecstasy often know that ecstasy is cut with other substances.

Therapeutic Uses of MDMA

In the 1970s, some psychiatrists began using MDMA as a psychotherapeutic tool.

They thought it made their patients more willing to communicate and participate in the psychotherapy process. Therapists called the drug “Adam,” because they felt it returned patients to a more innocent state.

But by the 1980s, ecstasy or molly had become more widely known as a party drug. In a 1984 article, the San Francisco Chronicle called the drug “the yuppie psychedelic,” because it was supposedly milder and less dangerous than LSD.

The substance, they discovered, had unique psychoactive properties. The pharmaceutical company Merck patented MDMA in 1914 as a compound that could have pharmaceutical value. It would be several decades before further drug development would take place.

During the Cold War both the U.S. Army and the CIA experimented with MDMA and other hallucinogenic drugs as weapons.

MK-Ultra, a CIA project started in the 1950s, worked on the application of psychedelics for mind control. The project became notorious for testing psychoactive drugs on unwitting subjects.


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